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Taking Control-1Night Stand Series

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Looking for Love...

When she got voted off "Find Your Hubby," a reality tv gameshow, Mellie gave up on finding love.

In all the wrong places...

Everyone knows that you are more likely to get hit by lightning than find a husband once you’re 40. Using the last of her winnings in a spur of the moment fling, she pays for a matchmaking service that offers you the perfect person-For One Night Only.

Can you buy passion?

When the 'perfect person' they find her is a woman, she first questions their selection service...Then her own desires.

What are the reviewers saying?

Alex and Mellie have a sexy and fun chemistry from the moment their eyes meet that stays electric through the entire story. -Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

Virginia Nelson gives us a treat with Mellie and Alex and I want to be there in paradise with them. Yum! Yum!- Two Lips Reviews

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