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Part of Robyn Peterman's hilarious Magic and Mayhem Universe!

The Witch Element

Savannah Snickersnee might prefer quiet country life, but she loves her sister enough to brave the city to swap places after a desperate plea from her twin. Once in Seattle, the bookish witch finds herself tangled with the two men her sister left behind. When both humans express interest in the dislocated Savannah, she needs to figure out what sent her sister running back to Assjacket with her proverbial tail tucked—and fast. If she doesn't hurry, and she's not careful, she might fall for one of the men Sadie left behind… but does he love her or the twin she's impersonating?

And what about the catastrophic cluster$%&* that is shaking the entire western seaboard, spilling puddles of random magic throughout Seattle and causing no end of mystical chaos? It might take more than one witch to solve this problem, but luckily for the universe… Snickersnees come in twos.

Obsessed with this super fun story! - Jazzmine R

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