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Series Reading Order

American Dynasties Series:

The Penthouse Prince | The Irish Prince | The Firstborn Prince

Magic and Mayhem Universe: The Cursed Quartet

10 Reasons Not to Date a Witch | 10 Ways to Spellblock a Warlock | 10 Ways to Coerce a Stubborn Curse | 10 Ways to Date if You're Cursed by Fate

The Watkin's Pond Series:

Runaway Groom | While You Were Writing | Must Love Cake

The Odd Series:

Odd Stuff | Odd Melody | Odd Wolf | Odd Mate | Wicked Odd

The Magical Trilogy:

Magical Curves | Magical Mayhem (2017) | Magical Healing (*TBA)

The Bond of Three Series:

Taming Tabitha | Calling Caralisa | Riding Ripley | Fighting for Fiona

*TBA - To Be Announced // TBD - To Be Determined

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