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Runaway Groom

The groom is back in town.


Abigail lost her best friend years ago when he ditched her at the altar like a loaf of stale bread. Now he’s back and determined to do whatever he has to—even lie, apparently—to get under her skin. Although he makes her hormones rev to life in a way that no one has since he left, she is equally determined not to fall for his boy-next-door charm.


His bride-to-be is somewhat reluctant.


Braxton Dean was too young and stupid to know better when he walked away. Years of trying to fill the Abby-shaped hole in his heart have left him empty, and now he’s going to win back his girl—or get over her. But first he needs answers. Particularly why she never responded to any of his letters.


It might take a whole town to make this wedding happen.


With the help of their friends, the two battle it out. The army? An entire town of busybodies. The prize? Happily ever after.


Warning: Contains indignant old ladies, steamy sex (but not with indignant old ladies), condom bouquets, seduction cake, and condom bouquets. Yes, we went there.


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What are the reviewers saying?


 "I really enjoyed this story, and will be singing its praises to my friends. It has the sweet feel of a small town romance, and also a story of best friends loving each other and learning to trust and forgive. I definitely look forward to more of this series." ~ Click to read the full review on LASR 5 Stars! Nominated for erotic book of the month!


"Virginia Nelson’s Runaway Groom is a funny cute small town story that leans heavily on snark and one liners to tell of a young man who wants back what he ran from on his wedding day. I love a book that uses words such as “asshat” and “douchebaggery.” ~ Click to read the full review on Smexy Books


"Loved this book! It had moments where I wanted to growl at the characters, but damn if they didn't make me laugh, and sigh." ~ Heather Long on GoodReads


Runaway Groom was such a refreshing read! Virginia Nelson has a knack for locking readers in at the first page. Her characters are real, relatable, and sexy! I adored every word of Runaway Groom, especially the love letters, which truly made me fall in love with this book." - Lydia Michaels, author


Runaway Groom is a romantic contemporary that digs deep into your heart and funny bone and doesn’t let go...While I enjoyed this tale, it’s the characters who breathed life into it and elevate it beyond a simple contemporary romance. Braxton and Abby are hilarious together...Nothing beats small town antics...Runaway Groom is a funny engaging romantic contemporary that will have you giggling  and tearing up at times as you watch Braxton and Abby fight their way through the misconceptions and heartache to find their way back to each other. ~ Smexy Books



I have always loved when there are letters, or special dialogue in a book at the beginning of the chapter, because it makes you connect with the characters on such a deeper level...I laughed, I nearly cried, and simply put… I want more of this story, and so will you. ~ Night Owl Reviews Top Pick


The chemistry between Braxton and Abigail is blistering... Overall, I liked this book a lot. ~ Night Owl Reviews


I did not want this book to end.  Braxton stole my heart from the first page...Carnie was a laugh riot! Please, I beg of you, if you like small town stories with a bit of spice, Abby and Braxton will steal your heart.  Plus, I can’t wait to see who Ms. Nelson writes about next. My money is on…~ Harlie's Books


Oh how I loved this book…Let me just start off by saying that Virginia Nelson did an excellent job of bringing us the emotions that can only be felt by someone who’s loved and lost and is weary of giving the person who hurt them a chance. But the overall feel of this emotion I had during this story was laughter…~ SarahSaysReadRomance


Every once in a while you read a book that just makes you go aww...I melted into a big puddle of goo.  Can’t wait to see what happens next at Watkin’s Pond. ~ In My Humble Opinion


What an amazing, well-written novel...Filled with love, laughter, tugging of heart-strings and humor...What a beautiful, romantic love story...When everything falls into place and she realizes what she has to do to get Brax back, it’s “amazing”. Congratulations on a wonderful novel and I am looking forward to seeing where this series is taking us. ~ Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews