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virginia nelson

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Paranormal Series

The Odd Series

Join Janie and crew for paranormal adventures - snark, sex and random acts of ineptitude.

Magical Trilogy

A magical place, a wizard prince, and all of it mixing with out world. Warning: Chaos ahead!

Bond of Three

Two men, one woman, a united destiny…Only the power of three can stand against the darkness.

Cursed Quartet

Part of the Magic and Mayhem Universe, a quartet of books about a cursed family.

Paranormal Standalones

Just Like Magic

Part of the Magic & Mayhem Kindle World!

Taming of a Sex God




The scariest thing might be parenthood...

Wolf on a Leash

Part of the Black Hills Wolves Series

Witchy and the Beast

Part of the Magic & Mayhem Kindle World!

Her Sexy Skunk

NA Paranormal Erotic

Coming Soon!

Vampire Erotic

Dom of the Dead

Erotic Ghost 1NS


Part of the Decadent Edge Series

Hunting For Love

Ghost Hunter Romance

Catching Death

Reaper meets Bounty Hunter Romance