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From Readers

What books are coming soon? Are there more books coming in (whichever) series?

Please check out my coming soon page here. It has all the books that have covers and most of the series have a series page as well!

What are the names of your books?

If you click on my bookshelf here, you can see the covers of my books split by genre. Also, on the about me page, I have a list of my previous and current publications as well as release addition to currently contracted books and their estimated release dates.

Who is your favorite character and why?

Whichever character I’m writing is usually (and almost necessarily) my favorite while I’m writing them since I have to be rather immersed in their world to do them justice. I do admit a particular fondness for a few characters and may tear up a bit if you mention them. (Some that come to mind as I'm writing this are my Radcliffe, from While You Were Writing and Camden James from the coming Penthouse Prince) 

Where can I find out more about you than I can find here on the website?

I post a LOT on social media. In addition to my facebook, twitter and blog, you can also join my super secret fan/reader group and get member only excerpts, early cover reveals and the occasional contest.

Where can I buy your books?

In just about any online bookstore. Search my name, but if you’re looking for me on a particular bookseller and can’t find me, email/fb me and I’ll happily send the links if I can!

Why can’t I get (whichever book) in paper?

Because it is only available as an ebook at this time. Some will eventually make it to paper, but most of my stories are currently in ebook format

Why aren’t your books movies/tv shows?

Sadly, they’ve yet to be discovered in that medium yet. Maybe someday, although I’ll probably be the biggest fangirl in the crowd if an actor ever puts a voice and face to my words.

Who/what are your favorite authors/books/ series?

I read a LOT. Find me on Goodreads and compare our shelves. Sometimes I even review things.

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