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More About Virginia Nelson

1. Is that your real name?

Yes. My name used to be something else, but I got married and that gave me another name which is altogether shorter and fits better on book covers, so I use that name, my current legal name in real life, for the books.

2. Is that your real hair?

No, I stole it from a unicorn. Before you ask, I can’t tell you how to steal unicorn hair? It is an ancient family secret. Sorry.

3. Where are you from? Where do you live now? Where did you go to school?

Born in Connellsville, Pennsylvania, we relocated to Ohio and have bounced around since then. . Currently, I live on the northeast coast of Lake Erie in the state of Ohio. More specifically, I live in a beautiful barn set on a slice of bucolic glory.

4. Do you have kids/siblings/an alien race that misses you?

I came from a yours/mine/ours family. I have two half siblings, two step siblings, then my sister and me share parental units. I have three great kids, one girl and two boys, and they said not to talk about my home planet anymore, so?

5. What are your hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?

Hahahaaaaa. Spare time. Over on the About Me page I mention some of my habits (like drinking coffee and whining), but you can find me on Facebook, ello, or twitter if you want to get more personal and see (too often, I’ve heard) up close and personal what I do and like. See ya there!

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