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Lips of Velvet

Bookworm Sandra is dragged out for a night on the town by her sister. When she meets the sexy and exotic Lucy, she is instantly attracted to her. But will their spontaneous combustion burn out as quickly as it ignites or will it lead to a long term flame?

Lucy can’t help but be drawn in by Sandra’s intelligent and fun nature. But when Sandra suggests that she was just using Lucy for sex, Lucy is a strong enough woman to hide her broken heart and walk away. A chance meeting brings them back together. Will Lucy seek revenge for a moment of stupidity?

What are the reviewers saying?

Wow. I honestly mean, wow! the end of page one I was hooked! This book has got me very excited to read more of her work in the future, especially if it’s as fun as this one was! Night Owl Reviews- Top Pick Review

It is hard to believe you can pack this much punch in such a few words, but Ms. Nelson delivers with startling results...Their hot little episode in the ladies’ room is more than enough to have you wiping the steam from your screen. Coffee Time Romance

I will be reading more of Virginia Nelson’s work. I liked what she did with this short story. Nice job!- Two Lips Reviews

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