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Hunting For Love

Hunting For Love

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Heather McNamara talks to dead people and tries to bring healing to both the living and the recently deceased. Asking a dating service for someone who accepts her, and her gift, she signs up for a blind date unlike any other. Even if the matchmaking ends up being a dud, her date is set in a plantation crawling with spirits of the past and includes ghost hunting.

Gavin Wright wants to prove ghosts are real. Losing his twin at a young age, he almost believes that if he can prove there is life after death, he can find meaning in why he survived and his brother didn’t. At the chance to get locked in a haunted plantation, he’s thrilled…until he meets his date.

Heather and Gavin fell in love and it fell apart a long time ago. Too afraid of the risks, they let a misunderstanding drive them apart. A couple torn apart years before either Heather or Gavin were born decides to step in and leaves these ghost hunters Hunting for Love.

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