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Formerly part of the Elite Elements Anthology

Satisfying Silicon

Heat warning - SUPER HOT!

Lady Dead may be number five on his hit list, but she trusts that Silicon will come for her. Save her or kill her... either way, it'll be a hot ride.

Emmaline "Lady Dead" Locklear is an arms dealer who often finds herself at the wrong end of a gun, but she smiles her way through each and every instance and ends up killing those who think they can control her. She's been dealing arms to Red Wolf and to the government and not losing any sleep over any of it. Where the weapons go doesn't concern her—the money does.

Ryan "Silicon" Anderson has been getting weapons and selling them to Lady Dead for a while. It's taken him a long time to get close enough to even find the name of the dealer at the center of the arms ring, and now that he's found her, he refuses to let her slip through his fingers. His mission? Get close enough to find out what she knows, who she is dealing to, and how.

Ryan strikes a deal with her of a very sexual nature and ends up entwined with the arms dealer in more ways than one. But when she's taken by agents working for another agency, some women might be afraid. Some might worry…

Lady Dead isn't worried. She knows he'll come for her. After all, she's figured out that he's working on a kill list.

She's #5 on that list.

***Previously published in Elite Elements. Rights have reverted to the author and it is now being released independently. ***

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