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the cursed quartet: magic and mayhem universe

Aubrey Collywobble has been around the block a time or twelve in her days as a witch life coach. She's evoked actual transformations in other witches—one even turned into a flower. But while helping others, she's learned a few things about herself. She doesn't date, and she has a list of reasons why.

Carter Wilson is sincerely interested in his neighbor Aubrey. When she grudgingly agrees to be his fake girlfriend, he wants their pretend fling to become a THING—long term, meaningful, and happily ever after included.Toss in distractions like family legacies, a curse, a raccoon familiar, and an exceptionally precocious little girl, and we've got a recipe for chaos. Spells fly as the battle of the sexes begins, but what if they could both win the war?

Gannon Wilson is cursed. He's a single father--functioning on lack of sleep, exhaustion, and otherwise pretty frazzled most of the time--he's not looking for a witch girlfriend to ease his troubles. Anything but, in fact.

Gannon only dates humans... because he's scared of what the curse might do if he dared love another witch.

Henrietta Fannyfartle is on a mission. She learned of the tragic tale of Gilmore and Gannon through the witchy grapevine, but she doesn't think the Taradiddle curse is what ended Gilmore's life. Since she's working on her thesis--magical university is such a drag, amirite?--she needs evidence to support her suppositions, and there's only one way to get it.