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Contact variety questions

1. Can I mail you this thing?

I would love for you to do so, but unless we?ve met and you know where I live?no, not at this time. I?m sorry, I have kids who live with me and I can?t give my home addy out to strangers for their safety. But I thank you for the thought!

2. Can I interview/spotlight your next release/request to review a new release?

Sure! Email me at virg _ nelson @ yahoo. com (without the spaces) and we'll talk about it!

3. Can I come visit you?

I attend various conferences and otherwise try to make myself available to readers, but I’d rather not have you over if we don’t know each other in the real world. Again, the kids? I’m sorry. We live in a scary world sometimes, but I thank you anyway. Come find me at an event or con and we’ll totally hang out, okay?

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