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2018 release schedule

January 16th

Taming Tabitha

Bond of Three #1

January 30th

Calling Caralisa

Bond of Three #2

February 13th

Riding Ripley

Bond of Three #3

March 12th

The Firstborn Prince

Billionaire Dynasties #3

March 23rd

Fighting for Fiona

Bond of Three #4

August 27

A Magic & Mayhem Story!

August 27

A Magic & Mayhem Story!


A Magic & Mayhem Story!

Date TBA

Secret Project!

Date TBA

Secret Project!

2017 releases

February 21st

The thrilling addition to the Elite Warriors series!

February 22nd

Part of the Magic & Mayhem Kindle World

March 1st

Second Chance Romance
Newly edited rerelease!

March 21st

Hot on Ice
Sports Romance

May 15th

The Irish Prince
The Billionaire Dynasties #2

June 19th

Part of the Magic & Mayhem Kindle World

October 3rd

Married: Wait! What?

November 7th

Hockey romance
USA Today bestseller!.

November 23rd

Featuring A Merry Matchmaker Mess!

December 5th

Erotic Romance from anthology!