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The Bond of Three Series - Paranormal Erotic Ménage

Reader Advisory: These stories have graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!

Bond of Three #1

As a Seer, Tabitha has always known the day would come when she’d have to face her destiny and succumb to her future mate, as only then would her powers fall fully under her command. Tradition dictates that Tabitha run, forcing her intended to prove his worth—and his desire. But it is the discovery that Tabitha is destined for two mates, creating a bond of three—unheard of among her people—that sends her running faster than she’d ever expected.

Gage and Lancaster have been chasing Tabitha for over a decade. Though sharing goes against their basest instincts, the primal urge to find and seduce Tabitha overrides any desire to fight between themselves. As Gage and Lancaster close in, Tabitha must face the truth—though her people may scorn a bond of three, there’s nothing on earth strong enough to destroy the chemistry and soul-deep longing Tabitha feels when she finally stands her ground and faces her men.

Bond of Three #2

The rumors of a Wakening creating triads instead of mated pairs reached Caralisa months ago, but she doubts an undesirable record keeper such as herself will be one of the ones called to power.

Bentley sees more than the bookish façade Caralisa hides behind. When dreams tell him to wait, to resist the call to Claim her, he realizes his premonitions might be the key to his future happiness.

Jackson fought against fate, resisting destiny’s demand he accept a shared mate. One hot and hurried encounter with Bentley changes his mind and, before he can second-guess his desires, he joins Bentley in the hunt to seduce Caralisa.

As the three come together in a heated clash of skin and a passionate tangle of limbs, they’ll discover all the delights of a bond of three...And move their society one step closer to salvation.

Bond of Three #3

For years, Zachary has ruthlessly rejected his desires, but with every passing day, it becomes harder to deny he craves Stephen’s forbidden touch. Now, for the first time in memory, triads have been forming, pulling together two men and one woman to form a sacred bond. Finally, Zachary dares to hope that his future may be a happy one.

Ripley has watched Zachary suffer for far too long, trapped on the sidelines between a man he dares not want and a woman he believes out of his league. Enough is enough. Denial is fine when it heightens desire, but Ripley is ready to take matters into her own hands. She’s going to ensure that, at the end of the day, she’s got both men she’s always wanted, by her side and in her bed.

Bond of Three #4

As queen of the Seers, Fiona has watched quietly as triads formed around her. Now, for the first time in years, she must face Gideon, the man she was supposed to love, the man seeking her throne—her husband.

Donovan has stood by Fiona’s side for more than a lifetime. He’s been there as she battled her love for her traitorous husband. Resisting his attraction has been difficult, but no matter what, Donovan refuses to allow Fiona to face the coming darkness alone. Even if that means he must surrender to Gideon’s forbidden touch.

Gideon knows it’s finally time to face his future. What he doesn’t expect is to fight the impending darkness in the arms of two lovers. Destined for one another, Fiona, Gideon and Donovan succumb to their darkest desires and deepest needs. It’s going to take the three of them to keep the darkness at bay.

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