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Runaway Groom

"I really enjoyed this story, and will be singing its praises to my friends. It has the sweet feel of a small town romance, and also a story of best friends loving each other and learning to trust and forgive. I definitely look forward to more of this series." ~ Click to read the full review on LASR 5 Stars! Nominated for erotic book of the month!

"Virginia Nelson’s Runaway Groom is a funny cute small town story that leans heavily on snark and one liners to tell of a young man who wants back what he ran from on his wedding day. I love a book that uses words such as “asshat” and “douchebaggery.” ~ Click to read the full review on Smexy Books

"Loved this book! It had moments where I wanted to growl at the characters, but damn if they didn't make me laugh, and sigh." ~ Heather Long on GoodReads

Runaway Groom was such a refreshing read! Virginia Nelson has a knack for locking readers in at the first page. Her characters are real, relatable, and sexy! I adored every word of Runaway Groom, especially the love letters, which truly made me fall in love with this book." - Lydia Michaels, author

Runaway Groom is a romantic contemporary that digs deep into your heart and funny bone and doesn’t let go...While I enjoyed this tale, it’s the characters who breathed life into it and elevate it beyond a simple contemporary romance. Braxton and Abby are hilarious together...Nothing beats small town antics...Runaway Groom is a funny engaging romantic contemporary that will have you giggling and tearing up at times as you watch Braxton and Abby fight their way through the misconceptions and heartache to find their way back to each other. ~ Smexy Books

I have always loved when there are letters, or special dialogue in a book at the beginning of the chapter, because it makes you connect with the characters on such a deeper level...I laughed, I nearly cried, and simply put… I want more of this story, and so will you. ~ Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

The chemistry between Braxton and Abigail is blistering... Overall, I liked this book a lot. ~ Night Owl Reviews

I did not want this book to end. Braxton stole my heart from the first page...Carnie was a laugh riot! Please, I beg of you, if you like small town stories with a bit of spice, Abby and Braxton will steal your heart. Plus, I can’t wait to see who Ms. Nelson writes about next. My money is on…~ Harlie's Books

Oh how I loved this book…Let me just start off by saying that Virginia Nelson did an excellent job of bringing us the emotions that can only be felt by someone who’s loved and lost and is weary of giving the person who hurt them a chance. But the overall feel of this emotion I had during this story was laughter…~ SarahSaysReadRomance

Every once in a while you read a book that just makes you go aww...I melted into a big puddle of goo. Can’t wait to see what happens next at Watkin’s Pond. ~ In My Humble Opinion

What an amazing, well-written novel...Filled with love, laughter, tugging of heart-strings and humor...What a beautiful, romantic love story...When everything falls into place and she realizes what she has to do to get Brax back, it’s “amazing”. Congratulations on a wonderful novel and I am looking forward to seeing where this series is taking us. ~ Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews


"If you’re looking for a little saucy and quick read, this book is definitely one to look at...But I would watch reading it in public because it is BOUND to get your blood mind was blown." -Night Owl Reviews

Who knew that wanting to quit smoking could get so sexy? Damn... I am rethinking my own bad habit. Especially if getting hypnotized to quit could have such delicious results!- Bookluvrs Haven

I was truly amazed at how well written this story was presented in such a small package. You would expect the characters to be rather flat, but Carnie and Mike have much more depth than I had hoped for. They are characters you can relate to and feel something for. They are real.-A Book Lover's Library

If you are looking for a short, well thought out, sexy read…look no further. Hypnotist is that read. Once you are finished, go check out the other The Edge books. You won’t be sorry. - Harlie's Books

Virginia Nelson has done an amazing job creating a short story with characters that are as full of depth as those of a full length novel. -A Bibliophiles Thoughts On Books

Pure adult fun! I have to say I loved the scenes between Carnie and Michael. Both come from broken baggage but when they come together they are amazing and the sparks fly right of the pages. -Kaidans Seduction

Virginia pens her characters believable and steamy hot in Hypnotist. - Sweet and Sassi

Clothing Optional

If your day needs a little afternoon delight—and whose does not?—this naughty little treat is sure to do the trick.- Coffee Time Romance and More

Like that first spoonful of rich velvety ice cream, these three are entirely too luscious to stop at one bite. Coffee Time Romance

I recommend Clothing Optional if you have a spare half hour and want something steamy to feast on. Happily Ever After Reviews

With that attraction, feelings of jealousy, inadequacy, and fear abound. Since this is a shorter tale, I appreciated that Nelson created a friends-first concept. The sexual components wouldn’t have worked for me otherwise. Night Owl Reviews

Turn Me On

"I immediately adored this book...Once again, I am extremely pleased with Ms. Nelson’s writing. I can’t wait to read more from one of my new favorite romance authors." Night Owl Reviews 5Star Top Pick award

The Accidental Pirate

What an absolutely fun and sexy read. The story moves fast and is full of action and humor... I look forward to reading more from Virginia Nelson. -Night Owl Reviews--Top Pick

Funny, witty. The lady pirate gets her booty!- Amazon review

Virginia Nelson does it again. - Amazon review

It was a perfect mix of the you can't put it down story with a hot and steamy physical attraction that had me turning up the air conditioner to cool myself down.- Amazon review

Sleeping Garden (Virginia Nelson w/a Virginia Ashley)

"The overwhelming emotional boundaries hit upon in this book have the reader feeling as if they have been punched right in the gut, leaving you breathless. The details throughout this novel are extremely rich and vivid, and I found the words painted bold pictures in my mind as I read. This is an amazing tale by a very gifted author that will leave you wanting another taste of Virginia Ashley’s work."

Dom of the Dead

"The chemistry between Randall and Carson is scorching hot. I loved how they connected and trusted each other even though Carson still thought she was losing her mind. The sex scenes were hot. I loved how Randall improvised when he was not equipped physically. I loved this story. I had a very hard time putting this story down. At 37 pages, this was an interesting story with a great message as well. Overall, I will be on the lookout for more by Ms. Nelson." ~ Romancing the Book

"HOT! HOT! HOT! I applaud you Ms. Nelson for a job well done. It’s not often that I’m totally shocked by an ending but you pulled it off. " - GoodreadsReview

"Seriously, she pulled off ghost sex and made it HOT. Like volcanic, and before that she made me almost cry as I watched Carson grieve for Randall. It’s a fast sexy read, that I can definitely see myself re-reading as a kind of quick comfort read." - Sheri Vidal

"This story takes you through a gamut of emotions in just a short amount of time and leaves you with the overwhelming desire to not take things for granted, but to seize the moment. It’s heartbreaking, romantic, sensual, incredibly erotic and fantastically written." - Cocktails and Books

"Dom of the Dead is a short that packs one hell of an emotional punch! Ms. Nelson sure knows how to deliver the ups and downs of a friends to lovers trope, and she does it with immense style. I can't remember the last time I read a book so fast. LOVED IT. 1NS fans and para rom lovers are going to eat this story up! It's spicy. It's a tear-jerker. It's moving. It's ROMANTIC." - JoAnne Kenrick, Author

Odd Stuff

I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and would love to read more about Janie and her friends. Bitten By Books

Odd Stuff is hilarious. This story is fast paced, laugh out loud entertainment. Night Owl Reviews (top pick)

All in all, a don't-put-it down read that will have you smiling and giggling for Janie's inner thoughts are priceless. A must read for anyone who is a fan of the paranormal. Happily Ever After Reviews

The humor alone is worth buying this book. I laughed so hard in places that I had tears running down my face. Coffee Time Romance

Virginia Nelson's story is an absolute delight. I highly recommend it to readers who revel in stories filled with magic, secrets and fascinating characters imbued with powers that can only be imagined. The Romance Studio

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