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  Virginia Nelson

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2017 Releases
February 21st - "Satisfying Silicon", Elite Elements-Elite Warriors #3
February 22nd - Secret Kindle World Project
March 21st - "Caged", Hot On Ice Anthology
April Date TBD - Wicked Odd, (Odd Series #5) rerelease
May Date TBD- Irish Prince, American Dynasties #2
June Date TBD - The Bond of Three Series (Taming Tabitha #1, Calling Caralisa #2,  Riding Riley #3, Fighting for Fiona #4) box and individual relreleases
July Date TBD- Odd Series Box Set(s?)
August - Her Lucky Star, Ditter's Holler #1
Date TBD - American Dynasties #3
Date TBD -  American Dynasties #4

eBook releases in 2016
Renn Faire Romance | Forever Devoted | Hiding with the Heartbreaker | Bloody Kisses

Print Releases in 2016
Odd Wolf (Odd Series #3) | Hiding with the Heartbreaker

Audiobook Releases In 2016
Odd Wolf (Odd Series #3) | Blind Commitment
Box Set Releases in 2016
"Hiding with the Heartbreaker", Heartbreakers & Heroes | "Night of the Loving Dead", Bloody Kisses

Audiobook Releases In 2015
Rumpling Riley | Odd Stuff (Odd Series #1) | Forever Devoted | The Penthouse Prince | Dom of the Dead

Print Releases in 2015
The Penthouse Prince | Odd Wolf (Odd Series #3) | Wicked Odd (Odd Series #5) |

eBook releases in 2015
Penthouse Prince | Back in Time | Calling Caralisa (Bond of Three #2) | Trending on the Toilet | Wolf on a Leash (Black Hills Wolves) |
Riding Ripley (Bond of Three #3) | Forever Devoted (Tempting Signs #2) Fighting For Fiona (Bond of Three #4) | Odd Wolf (Odd Series #3) |
Must Love Cakes (Watkin's Pond #3)  |  Blind Commitment | Forty Candles | Taming of a Sex God | Rumors | Wicked Odd (Odd Series #5)
 Box Set Releases in 2015
Under a Wolf Moon - Odd Wolf (Odd Series #3) | Romancing the Wolf - Odd Mate (Odd Series #4)

Audiobook Releases In 2014
Sleeping Garden (YA) | Magical Curves | Taking Control | Hypnotist | Dom of the Dead 

Print Releases in 2014
Odd Stuff | Odd Melody | Secrets of a Snarky Writer (Nonfic)

Box Set Releases in 2014
Box of 1Night Stands | Spank or Treat 2014 | 4 Sexy Snarky Tales 

eBook Releases in 2014
Runaway Groom | Magical Curves | Taming Tabitha | Odd Stuff | While You Were Writing
Odd Melody | Secrets of a Snarky Writer | Her Sexy Skunk | The Were the Witch and The Baby

eBook Releases in 2013
Dom of the Dead | Catching Death | Turn Me On | Taming of a Sex God | Rumor Has It 
 Sugar on Top | Hunting for Love | Rumpling Riley

eBook Releases in 2012
Taking Control | Hypnotist | Clothing Optional | The Accidental Pirate | Lips of Velvet

Series Reading Order
American Dynasties Series:
The Penthouse Prince | The Irish Prince | The Firstborn Prince | Untitled

The Watkin's Pond Series:
Runaway Groom | While You Were Writing | Must Love Cake

The Odd Series:
Odd Stuff | Odd Melody | Odd Wolf  | Odd Mate  | Wicked Odd

The Magical Trilogy:
Magical Curves | Magical Mayhem (2017) | Magical Healing (*TBA)

The Bond of Three Series:
Taming Tabitha | Calling Caralisa | Riding Ripley | Fighting for Fiona

*TBA - To Be Announced // TBD - To Be Determined

**Works in Progress not listed, but more coming soon...promise

***Although there is a series order, most of my series books can be read as standalones. For instance, the Watkin's Pond series is a bunch of small town romance set in the same town. Although characters from other books crossover, each is intended to be enriched by the rest of the series, not dependent.